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BAT1 Series
Band Attenuator

* CE Approved, Class A RFI Shielding

* Excellent Curve

* DC Blocked

* Waterproof (alternative)

* Patented Housing

* Suitable for CATV and RF systems

The BAT1 series is our standard type band attenuator.
The BAT1 series selectively attenuates only the return path in a cable network.

A built-in High Pass Filters keeps unused portions of the return path (below 15, 18 or 20 MHz) noise-free.

They are available in 3dB increments from -3dB to -15dB.
Attenuation values are available for all standard frequency formats and custom applications.

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Other Band Attenuator Series

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BAT4 (Mini Size Series - Return Path Band Attenuator with HPF)

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Model Attenuation Model Attenuation
BAT1 - 6503H12W   3dB BAT1 - 6505H12W   5dB
BAT1 - 6506H12W   6dB BAT1 - 6510H12W 10dB
BAT1 - 6509H15W   9dB BAT1 - 6515H15W 12dB
BAT1 - 6512H18W 12dB    
  Electrical Curve ( BAT1-6509H15W )

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
SPAN 1000MHz
Fig 1

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
Fig 2
  General Specifications
  Item BAT1 - 6509H15 BAT1 - 6509H15W
  Power Passing NO NO
  Waterproof NO YES
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 1000MHz
  Insertion Loss (15-65MHz) 9dB (typ)
  Insertion Loss (85-1000MHz) 0.5dB (typ)
  Return Loss (15-65MHz) 20dB (typ)
  Return Loss (85-1000MHz) 18dB (typ)
  Dimensions 21(¢) x 73 mm
  Net Weight 60g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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