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DVB-T  Repeater

This repeater is specifically designed for use in DVB-T reception systems.

It can boost DVB-T signal from outdoor antennas to tramsmit the signal to area with weak reception, such as underground areas, park, shopping malls, etc.

This way the DVB-T receiver can easily get a good reception only with an indoor antenna, foregoing the need for additional cables and splitters.

 * Built-in Filter

 * Low Noise

 * High Gain

 * Easy Installation



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AP3A : DVB-T In-line Low Noise Amplifier

Model Description
AP1A - 47040P Amplifier, gain 40dB, type-F connector
AP1A - 47030P Amplifier, gain 30dB, type-F connector
ATNYCH - 110 TX Antenna with 75 ohm cable x 1.5M , type-F connector
AC-DC Adapter AC 100-240V, type-F connector
Cable 75 ohm cable x 1M, type-F connector (link adapter to amplifier)
  Item AP1A -47040P AP1A -47030P
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 470 - 860MHz 470 - 860MHz
  Gain 40 dB (typ) 30 dB (typ)
  Noise Figure 3.8 dB (typ) 3.8 dB (typ)
  Return Loss 16dB (typ) 16dB (typ)
  Supply Voltage DC 9V DC 9V
  Dimensions 18 (H) x 74.5(W) x 33(D) mm 18 (H) x 74.5(W) x 33(D) mm
  Net Weight 60 g 60 g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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