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LTE Filter
* CE Approved, Class A RFI Shielding

* High Rejection

* Low Loss

* Excellent Return Loss

* Patented Housing

* Suitable for DTV, Cablenet
  communication systems

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LTE is the 4th generation mobile communication standard. This standard uses the frequency band next to the DVB-T band (790 - 862MHz in Europe, 698 - 806MHz in the Americas), which will lead to interferences with DVB TV or set-top-boxes. According to tests from Ofcom this interference can be eliminated with the help of a high rejection low pass filter.

Our LTE Filters pass all requirements to eliminate interferences by LTE signals on digital broadcast reception. As a professional filter designer, Soontai can offer the LTE filter in a variety of packages and frequencies for various markets. Your inquiries are welcome.

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