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SA Series
Satellite In-Line Amplifier

* CE Approved

* All New Round Models

* All SMD Parts

* Flat Sloping Gain

* Build-in High Pass Filter

* Patented Housing

* Suitable for Analog and
   Digital satellite systems

In satellite reception systems, most satellite receivers are designed to operate with an input signal level between -60dBm and -30dBm per channel. It is recommended that the signal level of satellite-IF distribution systems is not less than -50dBm per channel at the customer outlet.

In some conditions this means a line amplifier must be used to boost the signal (see below).

1. Long (more than 100 feet) runs of coaxial cable from LNB to satellite receiver.

2. In a satellite-IF distribution system where the signal level may become marginal
    toward the end of the system.

3. Prior to splitting a signal many ways which might cause excessive splitting loss.

The SA-23 series are all new designed line amplifiers. They offer high performance, high RFI shielding, better impedance match and flat sloping gain between 950 and 2300MHz to obtain cable slope compensation. They are suitable for use in general analog satellite system and especially digital system like DiSEqC and DSS satellite systems.

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To boost the signal level of satellite-IF for long distances between dish and satellite receiver.


Insert a line amplifier in front of a 4-way splitter


To boost the signal level of satellite-IF at the end of system.

  Electrical Curve ( SA-2310 )

Gain and Input Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 1

Output Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 2

  ( SA-2320 )

Gain and Input Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 3

Output Return Loss
SPAN 2500MHz
Fig 4
  General Specifications
  Item SA-2310 SA-2320
  Impedance 75 ohm 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 950-2300MHz 950-2300MHz
  Gain (950MHz) 10dB (typ) 20dB (typ)
  Gain (2300MHz) 14dB (typ) 26dB (typ)
  Return Loss 14dB (typ) 14dB (typ)
  Output Power (P1dB) 7dBm (max) 7dBm (max)
  Supply Voltage DC 12 to 18V DC 12 to 18V
  Power Passing DC 18V / 500mA (max) DC 18V / 500mA (max)
  ("F" type Memale & Female)
21 x 68 mm 21 x 74 mm
  Net Weight 58g 65g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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