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50 Ohm 18/20GHz
SMA-male Test Cables
* Up to 20GHz

* Low Loss

* Excellent Return Loss

* Meet IEC 61196-1-314 Flex Test

* Robust

* 100% QC

* Suitable for 50 ohm communication



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The CC-5 series is a high performance test cable with male SMA-type connectors on both sides.  It is specially designed for lab requirements and for application in 50 Ohm communication systems.

The series boasts excellent electrical characteristics like low insertion and excellent return loss up to 20GHz as well as outstanding mechanical durability.

Model Freq. Range Cable Length Return Loss Con.
CC - 5181506001 18GHz Flexible 60cm 18dB G
CC - 5181506003 18GHz Flexible 60cm 18dB S
CC - 5181506002 18GHz Flexible 60cm 20dB G
CC - 5181506004 18GHz Flexible 60cm 20dB S
CC - 5201506001 20GHz Flexible 60cm 20dB G
CC - 5201506002 20GHz Flexible 60cm 20dB S
 * Connector material, G = gold-plated copper  S = stainless steel
 * Specify cable length when ordering(e.g. 30cm, 60cm, 100cm,...)
 * Cable length include both connectors
  General Specifications
 Item CC-5201506001 CC-5181506002 CC-5181506001
 Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm 50 ohm
 Frequency Range 9KHz - 20GHz 9KHz - 18GHz 9KHz - 18GHz
 Insertion Loss 1.3dB (typ)
1.6dB (max)
1.3dB (typ)
1.6dB (max)
1.4dB (typ)
1.7dB (max)
 Return Loss
 (9KHz - 8GHz)
26dB (typ)
22dB (min)
24dB (typ)
20dB (min)
20dB (typ)
18dB (min)
 Return Loss
 (8.001 - 18GHz)
26dB (typ)
22dB (min)
24dB (typ)
20dB (min)
20dB (typ)
18dB (min)
 Return Loss
 (18.001 - 20GHz)
24dB (typ)
18dB (min)
- -
 Length 60 cm 60 cm 60 cm
 Connector Material Gold-plated Copper Gold-plated Copper Gold-plated Copper
 Connector Type double-side SMA-male
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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