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75 Ohm 3GHz
RG-179 Cable Assemblies
* Up to 3GHz

* Thin and very flexible

* Good Return Loss

* Suitable for 75 ohm communication


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The RG-179 cable assemblies series with a diamteter of only 0.1 inch this series boasts high flexibility and is therefore perfect for applications in narrow spaces and for integration into products.

RG-179 cable assemblies can be fitted with F, BNC or Mini SMB type connectors.
* Specify cable length and connectors type(F/BNC/Misi SMB, male/female) when ordering.

Model Length (cm) Connector 1 Connector 2
CC-7030203001-FM/FM 30 F-male F-male
CC-7030206001-FM/FM 60 F-male F-male
CC-7030209001-FM/FM 90 F-male F-male
CC-7030212001-FM/FM 120 F-male F-male
CC-7030203001-BNCM/BNCM 30 BNC-male BNC-male
CC-7030206001-BNCM/BNCM 60 BNC-male BNC-male
CC-7030209001-BNCM/BNCM 90 BNC-male BNC-male
CC-703021201-BNCM/BNCM 120 BNC-male BNC-male
CC-7030203001-SMBM/SMBM 30 SMB-male SMB-male
CC-7030206001-SMBM/SMBM 60 SMB-male SMB-male
CC-7030209001-SMBM/SMBM 90 SMB-male SMB-male
CC-7030212001-SMBM/SMBM 120 SMB-male SMB-male
  General Specifications
  Item CC-7030202001-FM/FM
  Connector F male to F male
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 0.3 - 3000MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5dB(typ) / 0.8dB (max)
  Return Loss 25dB (typ) / 20dB (min)
  Cable O.D. 2.54mm (0.1 inch)
  Length 20 cm
  Net Weight 15 g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.