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    Certificate TW12/11128



Band Pass Filter


* Class A RFI Shielding

* Low Loss

* High Rejection

* Excellent Return Loss

* Flat Passband

* High Stability

* DC Power Pass

* Excellent Mechanical Structure

* Precision Connector Thread

* Exquisite Plating Quality

* Waterproof (alternative)

* Patented Housing
Satellite-IF Band Pass Filter

This band pass filter series is primarily designed for satellite receiving systems to pass satellite-IF frequencies and filter out unwanted frequencies or interference frequencies (eg, FM, TV, CATV, LTE, WiFi, etc.).

Soontai's band pass filters provide many features (see below).

1. High Rejection, better than 50dB.

2. Lowest insertion loss, signal-through-loss reduced to a minimum.

3. Excellent return loss, good impedance match reduces signal loss to
    keep the signal clean. (see figure)

4. Dual layer brass tubes provide the best radio frequency interference (RFI) / electromagnetic
    interference (EMI) protection.

5. The power pass function allows DC power and 22 kHz control signals to pass.
    ( * This is a optional function)

We can design other models accroding to your specifications.

For more filter products, please see our filter category.

To learn more filter types please see the filter profile technical notes in our Tech Support.

Custom filters or more details on inquires, please refer to Custom Filters.

Model Pass Band Model Pass Band
BPF-950-1450P 950 - 1450 MHz BPF-950-1450 950 - 1750 MHz
BPF-950-1750P 950 - 1750 MHz BPF-950-1750 950 - 1750 MHz
BPF-950-2150P 950 - 2150 MHz BPF-950-2150 950 - 2150 MHz
  Note : P = Power Pass Function
  Electrical Curve ( BPF-950-1750P )

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
Fig 1

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
Fig 2
  General Specifications
  Item BPF-950-1750P BPF-950-1750
  Power Passing DC 30V / 500mA (max) Blocked
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Pass Band 950 - 1750MHz
  Insertion Loss (950 - 1750MHz) 1.0dB (typ) / 3.5dB (max)
  Return Loss (950 - 1750MHz) 16dB (typ)  /  12dB (min)
  Rejection (40 - 806MHz) 55dB (typ) / 45dB (min)
  Rejection (1920 - 3000MHz) 55dB (typ) / 45dB (min)
  Dimensions (incl. M/F connectors) 21(¢) x 73 mm
  Net Weight 52g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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