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DPX1 Series
TV / FM Diplexer

* CE Approved

* Low Insertion Loss

* High Rejection

* Excellent Return Loss

* Waterproof (alternative)

* Suitable for
   TV/FM/CATV/MMDS Systems

The DPX1-TV/FM diplexer can be used to combine or separate two signal bands (TV / FM band) for application in TV, FM, CATV, MMDS...etc. reception systems.


1. Lowest insertion loss: TV band-through-loss <1.0dB. Signal-through-loss reduced to an
    absolute minimum.

2. Excellent return loss: Better than 16dB is essential to provide a good impedance match so as
    avoid increased noise and to reduce signal loss to keep the signal clean.

3. High rejection: Better than 30dB provides a good isolation and avoids interference.

  Electrical Curve ( DPX1-TV/FM)

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
TV Band (VHF/UHF Band)
Fig. 1

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
FM Band
Fig. 2
  General Specifications
  Item DPX1 - TV / FM
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Band TV FM
  Frequency Range 5 - 80 / 120 - 1000MHz 88 - 108MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5dB (typ) 2.0dB (typ)
  Return Loss 18dB (typ) 15dB (typ)
  Rejection 40dB (typ) 40dB (typ)
  Isolation 20dB (min) 20dB (min)
  Dimensions 18(H) x 74.5(W) x 33(D) mm
  Net Weight 60g

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