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DPX3 series
Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer

* Rejection : 40dB

* Wide Band : 10-2300MHz

* Low Insertion Loss

* Excellent Return Loss

* Suitable for Analog and
  Digital Satellite Systems

Satellite reception systems sometimes use a diplexer to combine or separate the satellite-IF and CATV or TV's VHF/UHF signals in order to reduce accessories and coaxial cable used (see fig. 3).

This will affect the signal quality and even generate interference if a poor quality diplexer is used. Now, we provide a better diplexer for you.

The DPX3 series is a high performance diplexer with many features:

1. Lowest Insertion Loss: VHF/UHF band-through-loss <1.0dB and satellite-IF band <1.5dB. Signal-through-loss reduced to an absolute minimum.

2. Excellent Return Loss: Better than 14dB is essential for satellite-IF band to provide a good impedance match so as avoid increased noise and to reduce signal loss to keep the signal clean.

3. High rejection: Better than 45dB provides a good isolation and avoids interference.

The electrical curve is shown in fig. 1, 2, specifications in table 1.

Also Recommended

Our DPX series diplexers are available in three different housings (DPX1, DPX2 and DPX3) to fit your mechanical requirements.

- Technical Notes -
 * Satellite-IF band : 950 - 2150MHz
 * VHF/UHF band : 54 - 806MHz in USA (47- 862MHz in EUROPE)
 * The satellite-IF signal level is 45 to 65dBuV, CATV or TV's signal levels are 60 to 80dBuV under normal conditions.

  Electrical Curve

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
Fig. 1

Insertion Loss  |  Return Loss
Satellite-IF Band
Fig. 2

1. Use Soontai's diplexer for system set-up.


2. Use Soontai's diplexer for 4way system


* The direction of diplexer function ports
   depends on actual diplexer.

Fig. 3
  General Specifications
  Item DPX3 - 806 / 950
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 10 - 806MHz 950 - 2300MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5dB (typ) / 2.0dB (max) 0.5dB (typ) / 2.0dB (max)
  Return Loss 16dB (typ) / 12dB (min) 15dB (typ) / 10dB (min)
  Rejection (Isolation) 40dB (typ) 40dB (typ)
  Power Passing DC +30V / 500mA (max)
  Dimensions 30(H) x 62(W) x 38(D) mm
  Net Weight 65g
   * DPX3-862/950 for Europe
   * DPX3-806/950 for USA
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.
[Table 1]



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