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    Certificate TW12/11128



80dB Rejection
MoCA POE Filter


* Class A RFI Shielding

* Wide Stopband

* Ultra High Rejection

* Low Loss

* Low Group Delay

* Excellent Return Loss

* High Stability

* One-piece Brass Housing

* Robust Mechanical Structure

* Precision Connector Thread

* Exquisite Plating Quality

* Good Weather Resistance
MoCA POE Filter

The M7 is the most robust MoCA POE filter with rejection up to 80dB, withstand voltage up to +/-6kV and 15psi water resistance, size only 11 mm x 57.5 mm.

Also, the one-piece copper housing design provides a robust connection that prevents the connector from falling out; and meets Class A RFI shielding standsrds.

The M7 MoCA POE filter is the most demanding design designed to meet special requirements.

The excellent features of the M7 filter have been field tested and have been widely adopted in MoCA systems.

Quick view, how powerful it is


For more filter information please see the filter profile technical notes in our Tech Support.

Custom filters or more details on inquires, please refer to Custom Filters.

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Model Pass Band Surge Protection
LPF - 862M7           5 - 862MHz -
LPF - 862M7/SGC   5 - 862MHz Yes
LPF - 1002M7          5 - 1002MHz -
LPF - 1002M7/SGC 5 - 1002MHz Yes
  General Specifications
  Item LPF - 1002M7/SGC
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Pass Band 5 - 1002MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5dB (typ) / 2.5dB (max)
  Return Loss 20dB (typ) / 16dB (min)
  Stop Band 1125 - 3000MHz
  Rejection 80dB (typ) / 70dB (min)
  RFI Shielding ANSI/SCTE 48-2
  Surge Protection IEEE C62.41-1991 Category A3 and B3, 6KV
  Dimensions (incl. M/F connectors) 11(¢) x 57.5(L) mm
  Net Weight (approx.) 22.5g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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