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MoCA Gateway Splitter
 * Easy installation of MoCA enabled
   multi media gateways

 * Build-in MoCA POE, can not be
   remove by customer

 * Optional HPF for in-house connections
   : Solves ingress problems!

 * Excellent RF performance in a
   compact package

 * Input Port 6KV Surge Protection

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The MS6 series is used for connecting MoCA enabled multi media gateways to the drop cable. Built-in MoCA POE for easier installation, shorter installation times and better MoCA performance throughout the house.

The optional HPF on the in-house connection port solves ingress problems and keeps the network clean!

  General Specifications
  Item MS6-54/1002
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Band CATV Port Gateway Port
  Frequency Range 54 - 1002MHz 5 - 1002MHz
  Insertion Los 6.0dB(typ) 6.0dB(typ)
  Return Los 18dB(typ) / 14dB(min) 16dB(typ) / 12dB(min)
  Rejrction 50dB(typ) / 45dB(min) 50dB(typ) / 45dB(min)
  Isolation 25dB(typ) / 15dB(min)
  Dimensions 16.2(H) x 86(W) x 53.5(D) mm
  Net Weight 68g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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