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MoCA CTP Splitter
 * Up to 16-ports

 * High Precision

 * Excellent Flatness

 * Excellent Return Loss

 * Compliant to MoCA Specifications

 * Patented

These 4-way, 8-way and 16-way resistive splitters are designed for development and sensitivity CTP(certification test plan) of MoCA devices.

The frequency range complies with MoCA system.

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Model General Specifications
 RS4-421  4-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -21dB

 Dimensions: 24.4(H)x74(¢) mm
 RS4-822  8-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -22dB

 Dimensions: 24.4(H)x74(¢) mm
 RS3-1623  16-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -23dB

 Dimensions: 26.5(H)x108(¢) mm

Soontai Tech Co., Ltd. is a member of the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA), a not-for-profit organization
to develop and promote specifications for the transport of digital entertainment and information content over
in-home coaxial cable. For further information please go to www.mocalliance.org.



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