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    Registered to ISO 9001
    Certificate TW12/11128



1218 MHz
Power  Inserter


* Support DOCSIS 3.1, 1218 MHz

* Low Loss

* Good Return Loss

* Flat Passband

* High Isolation

* Compact Size

* Solder-back Die-casting Housing

* High RFI Shielding

* Good Connector Thread

* Good Plating Quality

* Good Weather Resistance


Sometimes TV, CATV, MMDS or satellite reception system set-up need a power inserter.

Although the power inserter is only a small device in the system, a bad power inserter can have a large impact on signal quality, the most common being the generation of intermodulation distortion.

The PI4 is a compact size designed power inserter and has many features (see below).

1. Minimum insertion loss, minimized signal loss.

2. Good return loss provides good impedance matching to prevent intermodulation distortion and reduce signal loss and noise levels, ensuring that the signal is clean.

3. High isolation, which can reject the signal leakage to the power port or power noise pass through to the signal end, causing cross-modulation distortion.

4. The PI4 has one screw mounting holes for quickly mounting, ealy installation.

5. Solder-back die-casting housing provides very good RFI shielding performance.

6. Compact size, suitable for small spaces.

  General Specifications
Item PI4-0512
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 1218 MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5 dB(typ) / 0.8 dB(max)
  Return Loss (15-1000 MHz) 20 dB(typ) / 16 dB(min)
  Isolation (50-1000 MHz) 45 dB(typ) / 40 dB(min)
  Current Pass (DC) 500 mA(max)
  DC Block 50 VDC(max)
  Dimensions 13.5(H) x 42(W) x 49(D) mm
  Net Weight 20 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.


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