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  > Amplifiers
  Band Attenuators
  Cable Assemblies
  Calibration Kits
  Connectors 50 Ω
  DC Blocks
  Diplexers, Triplexers
  Band Equalizers
  Impedance Converters
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  Surge Protectors
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  Torque Wrenches


   High Performance
     RF Accessories




   Registered to ISO 9001
   Certificate TW12/11128


  1GHz, TV, CATV, MoCA Amplifiers 
 DVB-T Amplifier
 AP1 series

 Mini DVB-T Amplifeir
 AP3A series
 Mini Drop Amplifier
 DA2 series  (Ultra Mini)
 Round Drop Amplifier
 DA3 series
 Mini Drop Amplifier
 DA6 series  (2-way)
 Drop Amplifier
 DA10 series  (2-way)
 MMDS Amplifier

 AP1 series
 MoCA Amplifier

 MA6 series
 MoCA Gateway Amplifier

 MAD series
  Satellite-IF Amplifiers 
 950-2300MHz, 10~20dB
 SA elite series
 950-2300MHz, 10~30dB
 SA2 elite series
 950-2150MHz, 10dB
 SA3 mini series
 5-860 / 950-2300MHz
 Satellite-IF Amplifier
 SA4 series 
  Broadband Amplifiers 
  Broadband Amplifiers
 5 - 2150MHz
 75/ 50 Ohm Broadband Amplifier

 AP4 series
 1GHz, 3GHz
 50 Ohm Broadband Amplifier

 AP5 series
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