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   Registered to ISO 9001
   Certificate TW12/11128


  DOCSIS, MoCA Diplexers 
 DOCSIS Diplexer
 MX13, MX27 series

 DIP, SMT, Diplexer, Filter, More ...
 DOCSIS Diplexer, Filter

MX10, MX11, MX12 series
 System Diplexer, POE Filter, CTP Test Accessories,...
 MoCA Accessories
  Satellite-IF Diplexers 
 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer
 High Rejection
 DPX1 series

 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer
 Mini Size
 DPX2 series

 Satellite-IF / TV Diplexer

 DPX3 series
 Satellite-IF / IF Diplexer
 High Rejection
 DPX1 series

 Satellite-IF / IF Diplexer
 Mini Size
 DPX2 series

  TV/CATV Diplexers 
 DPX1 Diplexer series

 TV / FM series
 UHF / VHF series
 Cable Network series
 Digital Diplexer

 DS1 series
 DS2 series
 DS3 series
 Outdoor Diplexer
 DPX11 series
 HomePNA Diplexer

 HomePNA Diplexer


  50 Ohm Diplexers 
 DPX21 Diplexer series

 VHF / UHF series
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