50 Ohm Filters
50 Ohm Filters
Low Insertion Loss
High Rejection
Excellent Return Loss
Flat Passband
High Stability
Excellent Mechanical Structure
Precision Connector Thread
Brass Housing
High RFI Shielding
Exquisite Plating Quality
Good Weather Resistance
  Impedance 50 ohm 50 ohm
  Pass Band DC - 1000MHz DC - 450MHz
  Insertion Loss 0.5dB (typ) 0.5dB (typ)
  Return Loss 16dB (typ) / 12dB (min) 20dB (typ) / 12dB (min)
  Stop Band 1140 - 2000 MHz 510 - 1000 MHz
  Rejection 60dB (typ) / 50dB (min) 60dB (typ) / 50dB (min)
  Elecrtric Curve
  Connector 1 type-SMA Male type-SMA Male
  Connector 2 type-SMA Female type-SMA Female
  Dimensions 20.5(¢) x 62(L) mm 20.5(¢) x 62(L) mm
  Net Weight 48g 48g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

Soontai - worldwide famous manufacturer of catv filter solutions.

We offer a complete range of filters, such as Trap, Tier Tarp, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,
Window, Double Band, Triple Band and even to Multi-band filters and able to offer custom RF filters with 50Ω or 75Ω impedance and variety of connector types.

This filter series features double-layer brass tubing designed for optimum radio frequency interference (RFI) /
electromagnetic interference(EMI) shielding.

We can design filters accroding to your specifications.

For more filter products, please see our filter category.

To learn more filter types please see the filter profile technical notes in our Tech Support.

Custom filters or more details on inquires, please refer to Custom Filters.

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Model Pass Band Model Pass Band
LPF1-250 NM/NF DC - 250 MHz BPF1-5-80 SMAM/SMAF 5 - 80 MHz
LPF1-612 NM/NF DC - 612 MHz BPF1-467-809 SMAM/SMAF 467 - 809 MHz
LPF1-1225 NM/NF DC - 1225 MHz BPF1-950-1450 SMAM/SMAF 950 - 1450 MHz
LPF1-1350 NM/NF DC - 1350 MHz BPF1-950-1750 SMAM/SMAF 950 - 1750 MHz
LPF1-90 SMAM/SMAF DC - 90 MHz BPF1-1000-2000 SMAM/SMAF 1000 - 2000 MHz
LPF1-433 SMAM/SMAF DC - 433 MHz BPF1-1010-1150 SMAM/SMAF 1010 - 1150 MHz
LPF1-1002 SMAM/SMAF DC - 1002 MHz    
LPF1-1225 SMAM/SMAF DC - 1225 MHz    
LPF1-1350 SMAM/SMAF DC - 1350 MHz