BEQ2 series
Forward Path Equalizer
Mini Size
Support DOCSIS 3.1, 1218 MHz
Excellent Return Loss
Excellent Flatness Slope Curve
Brass Tubes Hosing
High RFI Shielding
Precision Connector Thread
Excellent Mechanical Structure
Exquisite Plating Quality
Good Weather Resistance
  Item BEQ2 - 42 / 54-86204W BEQ2 - 42 / 54-86204
  Waterproof YES NO
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 862MHz
 Slope Loss ( 65MHz / 862MHz ) 4dB (typ) / 0.5dB (typ)
 Slope Flatness +/-0.5dB (max)
  Return Loss ( 5 - 862MHz ) 18dB (typ)
  Dimensions 13(¢) x 46 mm
  Net Weight 19g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The BEQ2 series is a mini size band equalizer that selectively compensates for the uneven broadband frequency response (cable loss) often present in the forward path of a cable network. The return path remains unaffected.

The BEQ2 has excellent return loss characteristics and flat slope that can be connected to any distribution amplifier or device to compensate for negative slope cable losses.

By inserting the BEQ2 at the front end of the distribution amplifier, sloping cable loss is compensated and the amplifier output is provided with a flat broadband frequency response.

Model Return Path Forward Path For. Path Slope
BEQ2-30/47-55003W 5 - 30MHz 47 - 550MHz 3 dB
BEQ2-42/54-60006W 5 - 42MHz 54 - 600MHz 6 dB
BEQ2-42/54-86009W 5 - 42MHz 54 - 860MHz 9 dB
BEQ2-65/85-86005W 5 - 65MHz 85 - 860MHz 5 dB
BEQ2-65/85-86010W 5 - 65MHz 85 - 860MHz 10 dB