Low PIM series
Low PIM Diplexers, Filters, Duplexer
Low Insertion Loss
High Rejection
Excellent Return Loss
Flat Passband
High Stability
Precision Connector Thread
Aluminum alloy Housing
High RFI Shielding

Soontai - worldwide famous manufacturer of catv filter solutions.

We offer a complete range of filters, such as Trap, Tier Tarp, High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass, Band Reject,
Window, Double Band, Triple Band and even to Multi-band filters and able to offer custom RF filters with 50Ω or 75Ω impedance and variety of connector types.

Now, in order to meet the packaging and testing needs of the semiconductor industry, Soontai has developed a series of low PIM diplexers and filters with its professional technology and rich experience. And has been officially produced and supplied.

Welcome to inquire and customize.

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