HomePNA Diplexer
HomePNA Diplexer DPX1 series
ompliant HomePNA 2.0, 3.0
Flat Passband
Low Loss
High Rejection
Excellent Return Loss
High Stability
Die-casting Housing
High RFI Shielding
Precision Connector Thread
Good Plating Quality
Good Weather Resistance

This DPX1 diplexer is designed for application in HomePNA systems to provide triple-play home networking solutions.

Its specifications are in line with HomePNA 2.0 and HomePNA 3.0 and are certified and adopted by telecom MSO.

Soontai has a wealth of professional RF technology, and has designed and developed many different diplexers for various systems, such as DOCSIS, MoCA, CATV, Satellite-IF, ..., and has been certified by various companies and widely use. If you have any requirements, welcome to contact us.

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