MoCA Gateway Splitter
Built-in MoCA POE filter
Input Port 4kV Surge Protection
Flat Passband
Low Insertion Loss
Excellent Return Loss
High Rejection
High RFI Shielding
 Item MS6-54/1002
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Band Slave Port Gateway Port
  Frequency Range 54 - 1002 MHz 5 - 1002 MHz
  Insertion Los 6.0 dB(typ) 6.0 dB(typ)
  Return Los 18 dB(typ) / 14 dB(min) 16 dB(typ) / 12 dB(min)
  Rejrction 50 dB(typ) / 45 dB(min) 50 dB(typ) / 45 dB(min)
  Isolation 25 dB(typ) / 15 dB(min)
  Surge Withstanding 4 kV (IN port)
  Dimensions 16.2(H) x 86(W) x 53.5(D) mm
  Net Weight 68 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The MS6 is used connect to the MoCA multimedia gateway and to the drop cable device.

It has a built-in MoCA POE filter(no external MoCA POE filter needed) that is easy to install, reduced installation time and provides better MoCA performance throughout the house.