MoCA CTP Splitters
MoCA CTP Splitters
Compliant to MoCA CTP Specifications
Up to 16-ports
Excellent Flatness
Excellent Return Loss
High Stability
Precision Connector Thread

These 4-way, 8-way and 16-way resistor splitters are primarily used for MoCA product operational sensitivity testing to ensure that the product meets the CTP (Certification Test Plan) requirements.

The frequency ranges and specifications of these splitters are fully compliant with the MoCA CTP specification and have been adopted by various manufacturers.

Model General Specifications
 RS4-421  4-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -21dB

 Dimensions: 74(¢) x 24.4(H) mm
 RS4-822  8-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -22dB

 Dimensions: 74(¢) x 24.4(H) mm
 RS3-1623  16-ports

 Band: MoCA System

 Attenuation: -23dB

 Dimensions: 108(¢) x 26.5(H) mm