Module type MoCA / DOCSIS Diplexers
Module type MoCA / DOCSIS Diplexers
Compliant to MoCA Specifications
Low Loss
High Rejection
Flat Passband
Impedance Matching Support
Custom Design Available
Full support DOCSIS 4.0

Due to Soontai's expertise in RF we have been working with Entropic Communications since 2003 on various filters and diplexer projects for the MoCA system.  This included development, consultations on specifications and prototypes for field testing.

Our module and system type diplexers for MoCA have passed testing to work with the Entropic reference system.

These diplexers and filters are designed for MoCA applications such as TelcoTV, IPTV, Set-top boxes, router, bridge, gateway devices and wireless over MoCA interfaces.

The frequency range complies with Entropic c-LINK chipset from 5 to 1525 / 1675 MHz.

We can design all models according to MoCA or your proprietary specifications. Please contact us

Image Series Note
MX10  Model : MX10-975-1025/1125-1525

 Band 1 : 975-1025MHz

 Band 2 : 1125-1525MHz

 Dimensions: 16.51(H)x50.99(W)x47.78(D) mm
MB11  Model : MB11-1125-1525

 Band : 1125-1525MHz

 Dimensions: 15.7(H)x38.82(W)x43.27(D) mm
MX11  Model : MX11-860/975-1525

 Band 1 : 5-860MHz

 Band 2 : 975-1525MHz

 Dimensions: 15.7(H)x38.82(W)x43.27(D) mm
MX12  Model : MX12-864/1125-1525

 Band 1 : 5-864MHz

 Band 2 : 1125-1525MHz

 Dimensions: 16.51(H)x38.85(W)x49.9(D) mm