75 Ohm 3 GHz Cable Assemblies
High Shielding
Wideband, up to 3 GHz
Good Return Loss
Low Insertion Loss
  Item CC03-78M78M76-0P01-1000
  Connector BNC male to BNC male
  Impedance 75 ohm
  Frequency Range 0.3 - 3000 MHz
  Insertion Loss -
  Return Loss 20dB (typ) / 14dB (min)
  Length 100 cm
  Net Weight 35.1 g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

CC03-7 is a series of highly shielded and low cost cable assemblies. It has triple inner shield layers and therefore high shielding capability, making it ideal for high field interference applications. For example, catv signal transmission near the LTE / Ham radio / FM base station.

In addition to high shielding performance, this cable assembly series also has good electrical characteristics such as low insertion loss and good return loss up to 3 GHz.

These cable assemblies are typically 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm, and 250 cm in length, and other custom lengths are also welcome.

Please specify the cable length and connector type when ordering.

Model Length (cm) Connector 1 Connector 2
CC03-78M78M76-0P01-1000 100 BNC-male BNC-male
CC03-75M75M76-0P02-1780 178 Push-on F-male Push-on F-male
CC03-75M75M76-0P01-1860 186 F-male F-male