CC03-57M57M09-0W01 series
50 Ohm 3 GHz, 4.3/10 Low PIM Cable Assemblies
Semi-flexible Cable
Excellent Return Loss
High Performace Connectors
100% QC
 Item CC03-57M57M09-0W01
  Connector 4.3/10-male to 4.3/10-male
  Impedance 50 Ohm
  Frequency Range 9 kHz - 3 GHz
  Return Loss 20 dB (min)
  PIM > 150 dBc @14.5 dBm
  Connector Body Alloy3-plated Brass
  Contact Pin Silver-plated Phosphor Bronze
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The CC03-57M57M09-0W01 is a 4.3/10 connector type cable assembly series with semi-flexible coaxial cables and low PIM designed.

The cable assembly series also has excellent electrical characteristics, such as low insertion loss, excellent return rate and good mechanical durability.

The low PIM feature allows higher power transmission applications.

Model Cable Cable Color Length Connectors
CC08-57M57M09-0W01-0600 Semi-flexible Blue 60 cm 4.3/10-male to 4.3/10-Male
CC08-57M57M09-0W01-0900 Semi-flexible Blue 90 cm 4.3/10-male to 4.3/10-Male
CC08-57M57M09-0W01-1200 Semi-flexible Blue 120 cm 4.3/10-male to 4.3/10-Male