4GHz F-type Standard Kit
Up to 4GHz
High Precision
Complete 7 pcs Standard Kit
Suitable for most 75 Ohm
Network Analyzers
 * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The SK-7502 is a 75 ohm, 4 GHz, F-type standard kit (general purpose calibration kit) that includes male and female F-type open, short, load and one F-female adapter for a total of 7 complete components.

It is specifically designed for 75 ohm components measurement applications with frequencies higher than 3224 MHz or higher.

Use SK-7502 and our 4 GHz impedance converter, 75 ohm 4 GHz test cables and 50 ohm network analyzer (such as Agilent E5071B, E5071C, E5072A, E5063A), you can measure those 3224 MHz components.

The SK-7502's outstanding electrical specifications make it suitable for use in the calibration of most network analyzers.