TW-22 series
4.3-10 mm Connector Torque Wrenches
Excellent Mechanical Structure
Exquisite Processing of Parts
High Quality
 Item TW-22004410
  Suitable for 4.3-10 mm connectors
  Torque Type Preset Torque
  Design Type Click type
  Hex Size 22 mm
  Torque Setting 44 in-lbs [5 N.m]
  Wrench Head Material Steel
  Handle Material Aluminum Alloy
  Handle Color Silver
  Handle-end Color Black
  Length 156 mm
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The TW-22 series is high quality hex size 22 mm torque wrench with excellent mechanical construction and accurate torque force designed allow use for assembling and disassembling 4.3-10 mm connectors.

The hexagonal head is made of stainless steel for long-term wear resistance. The handle is made of aluminum alloy for light weight.

All parts of the mechanism are meticulously treated, have a good feel and avoid scratching the connector.

Model Hex Size Torque Handle Color Handle-end Color
TW-22004402 22 mm 44 in-lbs [5 N.m] Black Orange
TW-22004410 22 mm 44 in-lbs [5 N.m] Silver Black