TW-156431 series
Colorful SMC Torque Wrenches
Excellent Mechanical Structure
Exquisite Processing of Parts
High Quality
Item TW-15643103
  Suitable for SMC connector
  Torque Type Preset Torque
  Click Type Break-Over
  Hex Size 6mm
  Torque Setting 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m]
  Wrench Head Material Steel
  Handle Material Aluminum Alloy
  Handle Color Golden
  Circlet Color Black
  Dimensions 15.4(¢) x 147(L) mm
  Net Weight (approx.) 75.3 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The TW-156431 series is colorful high quality hex size 6mm torque wrench with accurate force designed allow use for assembling and disassembling SMC connectors.

The hexagonal head is made of stainless steel for long-term wear resistance. The handle is made of aluminum alloy for light weight.

All parts of the mechanism are meticulously treated, have a good feel and avoid scratching the connector.

TW-156431 series provides 6 color combinations for you to choose. Other colors are also welcome to customize.

Model Hex Size Torque Handle Color Circlet Color
TW-15643101 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Deep Blue Light Blue
TW-15643102 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Black Orange
TW-15643103 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Golden Black
TW-15643104 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Red Golden
TW-15643105 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Light Blue Deep Blue
TW-15643106 6mm 3.1 in-lbs [0.35 N.m] Orange Black