PI3 series
Power Inserter (Bias Tee)
Wideband, up to 3 GHz
Low Loss
High Isolation
Excellent Return Loss
Flat Passband
Precision Connector Thread
Rugged Aluminum Alloy Housing
High RFI Shielding
Item PI3-701
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Frequency Range 5 ~ 2150 MHz
  Insertion Loss 1 dB(typ)
  Return Loss 22 dB(typ)
  Current Pass (DC) 1 A(max)
  DC Block 50 VDC(max)
  Dimensions 23(H) x 49(W) x 70(D) mm
  Net Weight 104 g
 * Specifications may be change depending on the model or customer's requirement.

The PI3 is a series of power interposers (Bias Tee) that can be 75 ohm or 50 ohm connectors.

Connector types can be customized according to customer needs.

The PI3 power inserter has many of the following features:

1. Minimum insertion loss, minimized signal loss.

2. Excellent return loss provides good impedance matching to prevent intermodulation distortion and reduce signal loss and noise levels, ensuring that the signal is clean.

3. High isolation, which can reject the signal leakage to the power port or power noise pass through to the signal end, causing cross-modulation distortion.

4. Closed and thick aluminum alloy housing provides very good RFI shielding performance.

Model RF Connector 2 Power In Connector RF Connector 1
PI3-701 75 Ohm, N-female 75 Ohm, BNC-female 75 Ohm, N-male
PI3-702 75 Ohm, N-female 75 Ohm, F-female 75 Ohm, N-male
PI3-703 75 Ohm, F-female 75 Ohm, F-female 75 Ohm, F-female
PI3-501 50 Ohm, N-female 50 Ohm, BNC-female 50 Ohm, N-male
PI3-502 50 Ohm, SMA-female 50 Ohm, BNC-female 50 Ohm, SMA-female
 * Power path: Power In Connector to RF Connector 2