PG-SK7501A Bundle Package
SK-7501A Bundle Package
Items Description Model Q'ty
  Test Cable   75 Ohm 3GHz N-male to F-female (60cm) CC03-76M75M01-0S02-0600 2
  Standard Kit   75 Ohm 3GHz F-type Standard Kit  SK-7501 1
  F-m Adapter   75 Ohm 3GHz F-male Through Adapter  AD03-75M75M-0A01 2
  F-f Adapter   75 Ohm 3GHz F-female Through Adapter  AD03-75F75F-0Z01 2
  Terminator   75 Ohm 3GHz F-male Terminator  TL3-3101 2

The PG-SK7501A bundle package includes 2-pcs 75 ohm N-male to F-male cable assemblies, 1-set SK-7501 standard kit, 4-pcs F-type through adapters and 2-pcs F-male terminators that makes it easy for you to measure 2- or 3-ports' 75 ohm F-type passive device (e.g. filter, diplexer) with a 75 ohm network analyzer.

And if you want to test active device (such as amplifier) testing, you only need to add additional power inserters (bias tees), DC blocks, attenuators, etc., please see our high-performance products.