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  About  HP RF

When developing and testing RF products the accessories used in the
test process often produce undesired tolerances.
Soontai has answered this demand with a range of High Performance RF components to give you superior test and development accuracy.
The right tools for the right job.
Soontai - understanding your RF needs.

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  High Performance RF Components 
50 Ohm RF Products
50 Ohm RF Products
50 Ohm RF Products
In order to quickly find the products you need, we offer 2 convenient menu modes,
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  High Performance RF Components
50 Ohm 26.5GHz 3.5mm Through Adapters75 Ohm 3GHz F-female Through Adapter Manual Step Attenuator 50 Ohm SMA panel mount type connectors
 50 Ohm Adapters
 75 Ohm Adapters

 50 Ohm Attenuators
 75 Ohm Attenuators

 50 Ohm Connectors
 75 Ohm Connectors

50 Ohm NMD 40 GHz Test Cable75ohm N-male to N-male test cable 50 Ohm 26.5GHz Calibration Kit
 50 Ohm Cable Assemblies
 75 Ohm Cable Assemblies
 Cable Assemblies

 50 Ohm Caibration Kits
 75 Ohm Caibration Kits
 Caibration Kits

 50 Ohm DC Blocks
 75 Ohm DC Blocks
 DC Blocks

Power Inserter with Impedance Conversion
 50Ω - 75Ω Impedance Converters
 Impedance Converters

 2-in-1 Impedance Converters
 Power Inserter (Bias Tee) +
 Impedance Converter

 50 Ohm Power Inserters
 75 Ohm Power Inserters
 Power Inserters (Bias Tees)

75 Ohm RF Switch  50 Ohm RF Coaxial Switches 50 Ohm 18GHz SMA Terminator 5/16 inch Torque Wrench
 50 Ohm RF Coaxial Switches
 75 Ohm RF Coaxial Switches
 RF Coaxial Switches

 50 Ohm Terminators
 75 Ohm Terminators

 Torque Wrenches
 Torque Wrenches
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