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Soontai 20th Anniversary
Laser Pointer with F-male Terminator
* Gorgeous, Exquisite

* Customize "Your Name" available

* Terminator up to 3 GHz

* Excellent Return Loss


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Soontai 20th years experience and quality commitment.

To celebrate the Soontai's founding 20th anniversary, we selected Soontai's representative products, filter housing for the styling, to make a sophisticated laser pointer as a token of memorial and represent Soontai 20 years RF profession and our commitment in quality.

The female port of this laser pointer is red laser light output and the other male port is a 75 ohm 3GHz terminator with very excellent characteristics.

We want to share the glory with you. You are welcome to buy this laser pointer, engraved with your name or company name onto the housing body.

For more detail please contact us.

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  Electrical Curve ( LPT-20 )


  General Specifications
  Item LPT-20
  Impedance 75 Ohm
  Frequency Range 5 - 3000 MHz
  Return Loss (5 - 2000 MHz) 30 dB(typ) / 25 dB(min)
  Return Loss (2001 - 3000 MHz) 25 dB(typ) / 20 dB(min)
  DC Block No
  Connector Type F-male
  Laser Color Red
  Wave Length 660 nM(max) / 640 nM(min)
  Optical Power 4.5 mW(max) / 1.5 mW(min)
  Operating Voltage 3.0 V
  Operating Current 40 mA(max)
  Battery LR44 x 3
  Dimensions 15(¢) x 63.5mm
  Net Weight 43g
   * Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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