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  PG-SK7501B Bundle Package
Easy conversion of 50Ω Network Analyzer to 75Ω:
Soontai PG-SK7501B set. Everything in one simple set !

The Soontai PG-SK7501B bundle package makes it easy for you to test 2- or 3-ports' 75 Ohm
F-type passive device (e.g. filter, diplexer) with a 50 Ohm network analyzer.
For active device (e.g. amplifier) test you may need DC block, attenuator even more, please see high performance accessories.

  PG-SK7501B Description Model Q'ty
  3GHz, 50 Ohm N-male to 75 Ohm N-female  IC1-362316-02 2
  Test Cable
  75 Ohm 3GHz N-male to F-female CC-7030106002-NM/FM 2
  Standard Kit   75 Ohm 3GHz F-type Standard Kit  SK-7501 1
  F-m Adapter   75 Ohm 3GHz F-male Through Adapter  CN-3151501 2
  F-f Adapter   75 Ohm 3GHz F-female Through Adapter  CN-3141402 2
  Terminator   75 Ohm 3GHz F-male Terminator  TL3-3101 2



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